It’s short, fat and cuts like a dream. It’s the Besseggen knife from Helle of Norway, and we can say that without a doubt, it’s one Helle of a knife.


The Besseggen, which is named after a famous mountain ridge in Norway, is 7-5/8″ long, with gorgeous Curly Birch handles and a 3-5/16″ triple-laminated stainless steel blade. To say this knife is sharp right out of the box would be an understatement. It’s zip-through-paper-like-a-fine-pair-of-shears sharp.

Helle makes some amazing knives, and this is certainly one of them. Not only is the knife just pretty to look at, the stout nature makes this work-horse of a knife easy on the hand.

The Besseggen comes with a genuine leather belt sheath and the pommel stud locks the knife into that sheath. If you’re looking for a good, sound investment for a knife you can carry into the field – one that looks great and works hard, the Helle Besseggen is the knife for you.

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The Besseggen can be under your tree this Christmas for only $119.99 from Smoky Mountain Knife Works ( Click the button below to find it in their store.