With this year’s presidential campaigns in full swing, it does sorta feel like end times are just around the corner. All the more reason to get your bug out bag ready and stock up on a few tools you might like to have in an “0ff-grid” situation. Marble’s has historically provided some incredibly innovative tools for the outdoors, and they haven’t let us down these days either. They’re making “Survival Heads” that are easy to stow in your pack and use in a pinch.


Marble’s Survival Heads are all black-coated 440A Stainless steel arrow, spear, gig, and specialty heads that are made to be lashed to branches or sticks you find in the outdoors. This makes them convenient and easy to carry. The instructions on the back of the packaging show you how to use the provided paracord to create your gig, arrow, or spear.


The Marble’s Sets


Marble’s Wilderness Spear Head Set – $14.99
This set includes a starter length of paracord and two 6 3/4″ spear heads (one with a partially serrated blade).


Marble’s Wilderness Gig Set – $9.99
This set includes a starter length of paracord, two 3″ frog gigs, and one 4 3/4″ trident gig.



Marble’s Alaskan Wilderness Survival Set – $19.99
This set includes a starter length of paracord, one 7″ harpoon head, one 7″ Ulu head, one 4″ six-barb fishing head, and one 3″ four-barb fishing head.


Marble’s Tactical Arrowhead Set – $14.99
This set includes a starter length of paracord, and a set of 4 arrowheads ranging in size from 2 1/2″ – 3″, as well as one 3″ frog gig.



Marble’s Alaskan Camp Set – $9.99
This set includes a starter length of paracord, one 3″ spork, one 3″ ulu head, and one 6″ skinner head.


Bonus Marble’s Modern Match Safe – $14.99
Black metal construction. Large main compartment will hold matches or a small disposable lighter. Access match striking surface by removing small compartment on bottom. Lanyard/keyring hole. Measures 4-1/2″ x 1-1/4″ assembled.