Zwilling J.A. Henckels is a leading brand in the high-quality kitchen knives market. Like most companies at the top, they’re always looking to improve their product, and teaming up with professional chef Rokusaburo Michiba was just what the doctor ordered.

The Miyabi knives have CMV60 (VG10) Damascus blades. The Damascus provides a serious artistic statement to the kitchen and maintain a superior edge. They are manufactured using a four-step hardening and three-step honing process that yields a scalpel like blade right out of the box. It can be traced back to Japanese sword-making heritage, but modified with modern German engineering.

The Miyabi knives are manufactured in Japan. The Japanese take extraordinary pride in the functionality and beauty of their blades. Not only are the blades incredible quality, but so are the black pom handles. These handles are classy and provide a comfortable grip for the chef at any angle. Miyabi added a subtle red liner that really sets off the look of the handles and adds a touch of nostalgia to an otherwise contemporary design.

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The Details

  • CMV60 (VG10) Damascus blades
  • Black pom handles
  • Made in Japan

The Miyabi design Henckels are a whole series available in multiple blade designs. Miyabi is Japanese for “improvement”, a fitting name since improvement apparent across the whole series. You can find these knives at Smoky Mountain Knife Works ( Simply click the button below to find them all.