Wood carving has been around since the dawn of humanity, but the Old Timer Splinter Carving Knife is brand-new. This revolutionary tool can condense your multi-knife carving kit down to just one easy to carry knife. Old Timer has certainly innovated the wood carving hobby, and set it at a price that won’t break the bank.

The Splinter Carving Knife sports a multiblade design made of 65Mn high carbon steel. The design features a Straight gouge, Hook blade, V-scorp blade, Gouge scorp blade, Detail blade, and Chisel blade. You can effectively cut down your tools from six knives to one. The Splinter Carving Knife makes it a lot more convenient to travel with your carving tools, and certainly makes it easier to carve anywhere.

The handles have Old Timers traditional sawcut design. It’s a nice feature to have since you want a good grip on your carving knife while working (you only want to carve wood and not your finger on accident).

The Details

  • 65Mn High carbon blades
  • Six carving tools
  • Sawcut handle
  • Nickel silver accents
  • 4 3/8” Closed length

The Old Timer Splinter Carving Knife is a great innovation for the wood carving hobby. For $19.99, you can effectively cut down your carving set from six knives to one. This allows you to spend more time doing what you enjoy, and less time digging through your set for the right tool. You can find the Old Timer Splinter Carving Knife at Smoky Mountain Knife Works (smkw.com). Simply click the link below to find it.


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