The new Case Equestrians Knife is something different for your knife collection. Unlike your typical stockman or trapper, this knife features a blade and a hoof pick. The unique blade set up and beautifully laser embellished handles make this knife a real conversation piece.

Case Equestrians Knife

This knife has a beautiful natural bone handle that features a laser embellished scene of wild horses running in a group. The color tends to be darker around the embellishment which makes the scene almost seem to “pop out” from the handle. The scene is surrounded by polished nickel silver bolsters and held to the frame with brass pins. The handles are beautiful and notably absent of a shield.

Case Equestrians KnifeThe Equestrians knife features blades made of Tru-Sharp surgical steel. Case takes special care to ensure their blades are polished and presentable right out of the box. This makes the knife easy to gift to someone special without having to touch it up first.

The Case Equestrians Knife Details

  • Tru-Sharp Stainless blades
  • Clip point and Hoof pick
  • Embellished natural bone handles
  • Nickel silver bolsters
  • Made in the U.S.A.

The Case Equestrians Knife is a unique addition to Case’s lineup. It’s a wonderful gift for anyone who loves or works around horses. We found this knife online for $84.99. Simply click the link below to check it out.

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