The Schrade MOE Multi-Function Demolition Tool looks like a crowbar on steroids, but it’s actually a tactical rescue tool that features a high carbon, one-piece construction and a unique all-in-one design. This is one Schrade that you’re going to want in your corner when the going gets tough.

Schrade MOE Multi-Function Demolition Tool

The MOE Multi-Function Demolition Tool has a full tang design made from 1055 high carbon steel. The one-piece carbon steel construction gives this tool strength for demanding tasks like chopping and prying. The drawback to carbon steel is that it can easily rust, but Schrade remedied this issue by adding a protective black coat to the blade.

The tool has multiple functions that include a nail puller, pry bar, spanner wrench, fire axe, and gas shut-off feature. The handle is made from wrapped 550 paracord, which is also a valuable tool to have in a rescue situation. This tool has an overall length of 16 7/8″, so you have the leverage to pry but its not to big to carry on your belt.

The MOE Multi-Function Demolition Tool comes with a clear polyvinyl chloride sheath. This sheath easily attaches to your belt with the rest of your gear.

Schrade MOE Multi-Function Demolition ToolThe MOE Multi-Function Demolition Tool Details

  • 1055 High Carbon Steel
  • Full tang design
  • 550 Paracord handle wrap
  • Nail puller, Pry bar, Spanner wrench, Fire axe, Gas shut-off feature
  • Polyvinyl chloride sheath included
  • 16 7/8″ Overall length

Schrade MOE Multi-Function Demolition ToolWhen a standard multi-tool isn’t enough, The Schrade MOE Multi-Function Demolition Tool gets the job done. This is one durable tool that can accomplish the most demanding tasks faced in a rescue situation. Tools like this can go for big bucks, but we found this tool online for a reasonable $44.99.