Multi-tools just make life easier. They’re a great alternative to carrying around an entire tool box, and they’re helpful in a multitude of situations. Here are six multi-tools that we think will make your life easier, and they range in price from $2.99 to just over $100.

What’s a Multi-tool?

According to Wikipedia, “Multi-tools (or multitools) are any one of a range of portable, versatile hand tools that combine several individual functions in a single unit.” And that’s really the crux of it. Whether that’s a card tool, a keychain tool, or a large plier-type tool. Multi-tools allow you to use a single device to get many jobs done.

Six Multi-tools that make life easier

multi-toolsSilver Survival Tool Card
Item Number:MI118 Price: $2.99

This stainless steel survival card has many functions and hides in your wallet really well. Its features include: One piece silver 440A stainless steel construction. Can opener. Knife edge. Screwdriver. 4cm metric ruler. Cap opener. Four-position wrench. Butterfly wrench. Saw edge. Manual direction finder. Two position wrench. Lanyard hole with keychain. Vinyl storage pouch.

Whether you need to loosen a bolt or simply pop the top on a cold one, this $2.99 survival card can come in really handy when you need help.

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multi-toolsGerber Vise with Mini Pliers
Item Number: G0021 Price: $14.99

The Gerber Vise is just 2 1/2″ closed, which is really just a bit larger than a pair of nail clippers. While it’s small enough to carry on a keychain, the Vise really packs a punch for a small multi-tool.

Features: All stainless steel construction. Mini pliers. Fine and serrated edge blades. Bottle opener. Small and medium flat screwdrivers. Cross screwdriver. Coarse/fine file. Retractable lanyard. 1-7/16″ Blade. 1-3/8″ Serrated blade. Blade Thickness: 1/16″. 2-1/2″ closed. Imported.

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multi-toolsLeatherman Skeletool
Item Number: LM830845 Price: $44.95

At just over 4″ closed the Leatherman Skeletool is an impressive but ultra lightweight (5 oz) multi-tool with a combo knife and bit driver.

Features: 100% Stainless steel body. Needle-nose pliers. Regular pliers. Wire cutters. Hard-wire cutters. 154CM combo knife. Bit driver. Carabiner clip/bottle opener. Removable pocket clip. 2-5/8″ Clip point blade. Blade Thickness: 1/8″. 4-3/16″ closed. Included Bits: Phillips #1 and #2. Screwdriver 3/16″ and 1/4″. Made in the USA.

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multi-toolsSOG PowerLock Standard
Item Number: SOGS62 Price: $79.99

The SOG PowerLock Standard is just a bit bigger than the previous mutli-tool we featured. SOG uses patented gear driven Compound Leverage mechanisms to create very tough tools like the SOG PowerLock. SOG’s proprietary Compound Leverage technology works by employing multiple pivot points that generate greater handle travel in relation to plier movement. The result is a leverage advantage of approximately twice the power of a conventional multi-tool.

Features: Stainless steel construction with polished finish. Needlenose pliers/gripper. V-Cutter Hard wire cutter. Crimper. Double toothed wood saw. Partially serrated blade. 3-sided file. Large screwdriver. Phillips screwdriver. 1/4″ drive Awl. Can opener/small screwdriver. Bottle opener/medium screwdriver. Rulers. Lanyard ring. 2-1/2″ v-cut blade. Blade Thickness: 1/16″. 4-11/16″ closed. Nylon pouch. Made in the USA.

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multi-toolsLeatherman Surge
Item Number: LM830159 Price: $99.95

Unlike the other multi-tools in this list so far, the Surge features outside-accessile knives, which means you don’t have to open the multi-tool to get to them. It’s a real convenience when you’re working on a project and need a blade quickly.

Features: Outside-accessible knives. 100% stainless steel body. Needle-nose pliers. Regular pliers. Wire cutters. Hard-wire cutters. Standard wire cutters. Straight clip-point knife. Serrated clip-point knife. Electrical crimper. Blade exchanger. Scissors. Large screwdriver. Small bit driver. Large bit driver. Awl with thread loop. Ruler (9 inch/22 cm). Bottle/can opener. Wire stripper. Lanyard ring. 4-1/4″ closed. Surge nylon belt sheath. Included Bits & Blades: Phillips and flat tip eyeglasses screwdriver. Phillips #1-2 and Screwdriver 3/16″. Diamond-coated file. Wood/metal file. 3-1/4″ clip point, sheepsfoot and saw blades. Blade thicknesses: 1/16″. Made in the USA.

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multi-toolsVictorinox Swisstool Spirit X
Item Number: V53814 Price: $104.99

This Victorinox Swisstool goes well above and beyond any Swiss Army knife anyone has ever dreamed up. The Spirit X is extremely handy, extremely functional and extremely compact. And, like most Swiss Army tools, it’s easy on the eye as well. You might call this the “Mercedes” of our lineup. It’s a gorgeous tool that still gets the job done.

Features: Stainless steel construction. Pliers. 2mm screwdriver. 3mm screwdriver. 5mm screwdriver. 7.5mm screwdriver. Wire cutter. Can opener. Bottle opener. Large plain blade. Wood saw. Reamer/punch. Phillips screwdriver. Chisel and scraper. Strong crate opener. Wire bender, stripper and scraper. Ruler. Electrical crimper. Metal saw. Metal file. Scissors. Lanyard hole. Locking blades and tools with push button release. 3″ saw and spear blade lengths. 4-5/8″ closed. Black Leather pouch. Made in Switzerland.

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In the end, there are lots and lots of great multi-tools on the market, far more than the six we’ve outlined in this article. If you’re in the market for one, you can see them here or by clicking the links in this article.