The internet is abuzz with the release of the new 2018 Zero Tolerance knives. At this point, I’d say that most of us have seen the pictures of their three new knives, but we have the details. Here is the new 2018 Zero Tolerance lineup, everything you need to know about them, and where you can pre-order them.

0393 Hinderer Folder
Item Number: ZT0393 Price: $240.00

2018 Zero Tolerance

The new 0393 Hinderer Folder was inspired by Rick Hinderer’s Maximus. The 0390 features a harpoon-style version of Rick’s “spanto” blade, but in state-of-the-art CPM 20CV stainless steel. Zero Tolerance explains the new blade as “offering maximum cutting power with a sturdy tip for piercing,” and 20CV steel provides a wide spectrum of characteristics that are favored by the modern knife user. These include superior hardness, corrosion resistance, toughness, wear resistance, and excellent edge retention.

The 0393’s KVT ball-bearing opening and flipper makes the knife easy to operate and manipulate in either hand. The blade is locked into place using a reinforced framelock. This framelock has a lockbar insert to increase strength while maintaining a slim overall profile.

The blue anodized titanium handle on the 0393 is incredibly lightweight, but not at the cost of strength. Anodized titanium isn’t prone to serious damage when used hard, and its corrosion resistance is top of its class. The G10 overlay was machined with a Rick Hinderer custom texture. This not only enhances the handles grip, but also adds a unique detail to the knife and gives the handle some depth. Zero Tolerance also announced that the 0393 will also accept some Hinderer custom hardware which allows you to customize the knife and really make it your own.

2018 Zero Tolerance 0393 Hinderer Folder Details:

  • CPM 20CV Steel Blade
  • Blue Anodized Titanium handle
  • G-10 overlay with Rick Hinderer custom texture
  • Titanium frame lock with Hardened steel lockbar insert
  • KVT ball-bearing opening system and Flipper
  • 3.5″ blade length
  • 0.156″ blade thickness
  • 4.75″ closed length
  • 8.25″ overall length
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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2018 Zero Tolerance

0462 Sinkevich Folder
Item Number: ZT0462 Price: $240.00

The new 0462 Sinkevich folder is a larger version of the popular 0460. The 0460 was a huge success, but it’s a bit small for more demanding tasks. To please their fans, ZT has designed this new knife to be large enough to accomplish any EDC task, while remaining sleek and lightweight for a comfortable carry.

Designed by Dmitry Sinkevich, the 0462 features a larger 3.75″ up-swept blade. CPM 20CV delivers superior hardness, corrosion resistance, toughness, wear resistance, and excellent edge retention.The colored carbon fiber scale really stands out on the 0462. They are durable and lightweight with a deep-red weave of color throughout. The liner is made from titanium and the spine features an attractive stonewashed finish that complements the carbon fiber.

The 0462 has a frame lock mechanism with hardened steel lock bar insert. This makes the lock stronger than titanium alone without ruining the sleek appearance of the knife. Like many other ZTs, the 0462 opens quickly and easily with the KVT ball-bearing system and a built-in flipper.

2018 Zero Tolerance 0462 Sinkevich Folder Details:

  • CPM 20CV steel blade
  • Red carbon fiber composite handle
  • Stonewashed titanium spine
  • Framelock locking mechanism
  • KVT ball-bearing system
  • 3.7″ blade length
  • 0.156″ blade thickness
  • 5.25″ closed length
  • 8.9″ overall length
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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2018 Zero Tolerance

0609 Martin Folder
Item Number: ZT0969 Price: $220.00

The new Zero Tolerance 0609 is a scaled down version of the 0606CF from ZT, RJ Martin, and Matt Martin. This smaller and easier to carry version is similar to the original in its clean and streamlined look, but is different when it comes to the machined handle and fine details.

The machined titanium handle is highly detailed which looks great and gives the otherwise sleek handle a grip texture. It’s anodized in an attractive bronze color that would give Benchmade’s Anthem a run for its money when it comes to looks.

The CPM 20CV blade provides superior hardness, corrosion resistance, toughness, wear resistance, and excellent edge retention. The 3.4″ drop-point blade has a two-tone finish. It’s machined satin on the grinds and features a stonewashed finish on the flat areas. This gives the blade depth that allows you to appreciate the grinding and machining that Zero Tolerance does to each of their quality blades. The 0609 opens manually with a KVT ball-bearing opening system and flipper. A familiar linerlock mechanism firmly keeps the blade locked in place.

One detail you don’t want to overlook on the 0609 is the See-Through Pivot (STP). This RJ Martin designed pivot is hollow in the center, allowing you to “see through” it. This adds another layer of engineering and craftsmanship to the 0609 that’s a talking point among enthusiasts. The pivot is adjustable, so you can find that sweet spot that’s just right for you.

2018 Zero Tolerance 0609 Martin Folder Details:

  • CPM 20CV steel blade
  • Two-tone stonewashed & satin finish
  • Machined anodized titanium handle with Bronze finish
  • Reversible tip-up pocket clip
  • Frame lock mechanism
  • KVT ball-bearing system
  • 3.4″ blade length
  • 0.121″ blade thickness
  • 4.25″ closed length
  • 7.4″ overall length
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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Sales and Pre-Order Information

The 2018 Zero Tolerance knives are all available for pre-order at Smoky Mountain Knife Works ( You can find them by clicking the links in this article or see them all by clicking the button below.

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