The SOG BladeLight Hunt features one of the most useful innovations in hunting knives since the gut hook. This hunting knife features six LED lights that can be useful in many ways. SOG isn’t the first company that comes to mind when looking for a hunting knife, but the BladeLight is certainly worth checking out.

SOG BladeLight HuntThe BladeLight is named for its six LED lights found in the guard. These lights produce 30 lumens of white light which can be used in many different ways. Many hunts end with a kill late in the afternoon as animals come from the forest to feed. Once a shot is taken, the race is on to process your kill before you run out of daylight. The BladeLight effectively negates that race as you can now process your kill from last-light well into the evening. This also frees up a hand that used to be holding a flashlight, so you can focus more on clean processing. The light can be an excellent backup to a traditional flashlight even lighting the trail home in an emergency.

SOG BladeLight HuntSOG used Cr13MoV stainless steel in the blades construction. Cr13MoV is a hard and durable steel that is very corrosive resistant. Because of these qualities, you often see this steel used in more heavy-duty tools such as tomahawks and machetes. You won’t have to worry about resharpening and oiling this knife nearly as much as traditional carbon blades. It’s a drop point design that can process almost every part of the animal from boning to skinning. The blade includes a finger choil in the design that gives the user more control over their cuts.

The handle is made of glass reinforced nylon. It’s brightly colored with blaze orange for increased visibility in a Forrest setting. It’s a durable material that can take a beating and wont weigh you down. The pommel of the handle features the “On/Off” switch for the light system. It requires one “AAA” battery to operate the lights, but SOG includes one with each knife. The pommel also includes a lanyard hole for your convenience.

SOG BladeLight HuntThis knife comes with a leather belt sheath. It’s a black sheath with “SOG’ embossed on the front. The sheath is well made and secured with traditional white stitching. The knife is secured in the sheath by a single button snap system. Overall, It’s a nice addition to the BladeLight Hunt.

SOG BladeLight Hunt Details:

  • Cr13Mov Stainless steel blade
  • Glass reinforced nylon handle
  • Six LED’s built directly into the handle
  • Produces 30 lumens of white light
  • Requires “AAA” battery (included)
  • On/off switch
  • Lanyard hole
  • 4-1/16″ Drop point blade
  • 8-3/4″ overall
  • Leather belt sheath

The SOG BladeLight Hunt isn’t the only knife SOG makes that includes this lighting system. They make everything from fillet knives to tactical knives with the LED guard. However, the BladeLight Hunt is certainly the most practical out of the lot. You can find this knife by clicking any of the links in this article or by clicking the button below.

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