Josh A. WestonKnifemaker and Forged in Fire winner Josh A. Weston makes beautiful and durable knives. Josh’s knifemaking story thus far is a tale of pure grit. After one highly public set back where Doug Marcaida pronounced his knife “would not cut,” Josh went through a period where he “couldn’t sell a single knife.” After that, he returned to Forged in Fire for the Fan Favorites episode with a beautiful, durable knife that was also very sharp. He won. After that, he was on Knife or Death where he and his knife finished the course without a single penalty. His knives are now demonstrably beautiful, durable, and sharp!

The Josh A. Weston Blacksmith Knife is no exception to the improvement rule. The knives he delivered far exceeded the prototype he initially presented to Smoky Mountain Knife Works. As one can expect, it is both beautiful and incredibly durable. It’s also incredibly sharp straight out of the box.

The 1095 carbon steel drop point blade is hand forged and has a 90-degree spine for added utility. This historically based design has a skeletonized twist handle which curves and bends. Because he widened the elongated tang, it also has a comfortable grip. Josh tells us that he did feel “a couple of hot spots” after he spent ten hours putting a flat grind on this large batch of knives. We think spending ten hours grinding any knife will result in at least “a couple of hot spots.”

Finally, one of the last things that’s really awesome about the Josh A. Weston Blacksmith knife? You can watch Josh make them on his Instagram account. We highly suggest watching the mass-quench process he came up with. It’s both fascinating and ingenious.

Josh A. WestonJosh A. Weston Blacksmith Knife Details

  • 1095 Carbon Steel, Oil Quench Finish
  • 4” Drop Point
  • One Piece Constructed
  • 7.375” Overall
  • Leather Sheath
  • Hand Made in the USA

The Josh A. Weston Blacksmith Knife is a beautiful, durable, hand made knife. At only $50, it’s a steal. To get this knife, click any link in the article or simply click the button below.

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