To knife collectors, there is but one pattern of whittler. It’s a traditional pocketknife that has one large main blade and two smaller blades on the other end with two back springs. The main blade is supported by both back springs. The only Case pattern currently available on the primary market is the Case Red Sycamore Wood Seahorse Whittler. It is a designated whittler. It, however, is not the only pocketknife that meets the definition of a “whittler.” Additionally, some whittlers might or might not have used a designated whittler to whittle. My grandfather used a stockman. My great grandfather preferred a congress. Still others use whatever happens to be in their pocket at that moment.

Can you use literally any knife to whittle? Of course. But it’s more common to use a multi-bladed pocketknife. Why? Because if you’re in the whittlin’ groove you don’t have to pause to re-sharpen your knife. Additionally, a multi-bladed knife gives you more options with which to whittle. Bigger blades are often used for bigger tasks, while smaller blades are often used for finer details. Here are four whittling knives that may, or may not, be designated as whittlers.

Starting off, the Rough Rider Class Carbon Swayback Whittler is a great knife and a “designated” whittler. At about $15, it’s a budget friendly option. This three-bladed pocketknife has T10 carbon steel blades that will easily take a razor-sharp edge. In case you’re unfamiliar with T10, it’s a high carbon steel that is like 1095. It has a 3” Wharncliffe and two smaller pen blades for smaller tasks.

The yellow composition handles are framed by pinched, lined, and embossed Slant ‘R Bolsters. The match strike pull makes it an easy open. There’s also half stops which help prevent snapping the blade closed on your fingers.

Rough Rider Classic Carbon Swayback Whittler Details

  • T10 Carbon Steel, Mirror Polished
  • 2.9” Wharncliffe
  • 1.75” Pen Blades
  • Yellow Composition Handles
  • Brass Pins and Liners
  • Nickel Silver Slant ‘R Bolsters and Shield
  • Half Stops
  • Match Strike Pulls
  • 3.75” Closed
  • 6.65” Overall

The Case Smooth Persimmon Orange Bone Mini Copperhead is a two-blade pocketknife with Tru-Sharp Surgical Steel.  The stainless-steel blades on this knife help increase corrosion resistance while still keeping it fairly easy to sharpen. At just under $50, it’s also reasonably priced.

The main blade is a 2 ¼” Wharncliffe with a smaller pen blade. It has smooth persimmon orange handles, nickel silver bolsters, and the Case Coat-of-Arms shield.  At just over 3” closed length, the Mini-Copperhead is an easy ride in your pocket.

Case Smooth Persimmon Orange Bone Mini Copperhead Details

  • Tru-Sharp Surgical Steel, Mirror Polished
  • 2.25” Clip Point
  • 1.5” Pen Blade
  • Smooth Persimmon Orange Bone Handles
  • Brass Pins and Liners
  • Nickel Silver Bolsters and Case Coat-of-Arms Shield
  • Nail Nick Opener
  • Half Stops
  • 3.125” Closed
  • 5.375” Overall
  • Made in the USA

If you’re looking for a great whittler that with a vintage look, check out the Boker Beer Barrel Whittler. It’s a split back whittler with a 2.6” carbon steel clip point main blade and two smaller coping and pen blades.

The handles are made from genuine wood beer barrels and have a very rustic look to them. Accenting the handles are nickel silver bolsters and the Boker shield.

Boker Beer Barrel Whittler

  • Carbon Steel, Mirror Polished
  • 2.6” Clip Point
  • 1.75” Coping and Pen Blades
  • Wood Beer Barrell Handles
  • Brass Liners
  • Nickel Silver Pins, Bolsters, and Shield
  • Nail Nick
  • 3.5” Closed
  • 6.1” Overall
  • Made in Germany

Finally, the penultimate in multi-bladed knives is the congress. The Eye Brand 4 Blade Congress with Brown Jigged Bone handles has two 2 ½” sheepsfoot blades and two 2” coping blades. This gives you plenty of blades and options to work with. The carbon steel is easily sharpened. It opens with an interesting match strike pull that is both short and deep.

The brown jigged bone handles have a great hand feel. It’s accented with nickel silver bolsters and the iconic Eye Brand shield. With a 4” closed length, this is a slightly larger knife.

Eye Brand 4 Blade Congress Brown Jigged Bone Details

  • Carbon Steel, Mirror Polished
  • 2.6” Sheepsfoot
  • 1.9” Coping Blade
  • Brown Jigged Bone Handle
  • Brass Pins and Liners
  • Nickel Silver Bolsters and Shield
  • Match Strike Pulls
  • 4” Closed
  • 6.6” Overall
  • Made in Solingen, Germany

Yes, you can use any knife as a whittler. It really doesn’t matter whether you prefer a designated whittler, a multi-bladed knife pattern of your choice, or any other knife. Get it sharp and keep it sharp and you’re good to go. If you’re interested in these knives, click any link in the article or simply click the button below.

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