Condor Heavy Duty KukriThe Kukri has been used for ages as a cutting tool on farms and as a combat weapon. It originated in the Indian subcontinent and is believed to get its design cues from domestic sickles. These days, knife manufacturers all over are making this formidable tool available to the masses. The Condor Heavy Duty Kukri one such knife that has many uses. It definitely lives up to the “heavy duty” name.

This Joe Flowers creation features a nice and broad, 1075 high carbon steel blade with a blasted satin finish. The blade measures right at 10” and is nearly a quarter-inch thick. It’s long enough for this knife to be a heavy chopper when it needs to be and plenty thick for tough work.

This Kukri features walnut handle scales secured by brass pins. The pommel flairs out on the sides providing a wider surface for grip. It has a lanyard tube and comes with a high-quality, welted leather sheath with snaps and a belt loop.

Condor Heavy Duty KukriCondor Heavy Duty Kukri Details

  • 1075 High Carbon Steel, Blasted Satin Finish
  • 10” Blade
  • 1/4″ Blade Thickness
  • Full Tang
  • Walnut Handles
  • Lanyard Tube
  • Welted Leather Sheath
  • 27.13oz
  • 14.5” Overall
  • Made in El Salvador

The Condor Heavy Duty Kukri is built for abuse, so don’t be afraid to put it to the test. Get one by clicking any link in the article or the button below.

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