Zero Tolerance 0230The Zero Tolerance 0230 takes a modern and minimalistic approach to a tradtional pocketknife. It was unveiled at Blade Show West recently. It’s ZT’s first time producing a knife like this, so that begs the question: Is it any good? Let’s see.

This knife is a Jens Anso creation, so it has our attention already. It features a premium CPM-20CV stainless steel sheepsfoot blade. It’s a two-hand opener like other traditional knives you’ve seen. What’s cool about this knife is that it essentially has half stops without the addition of a typical backspring. It uses what ZT is calling a double detent system. They explain that its use is “to keep the blade safely closed for carrying, plus a second detent at the half-open position to ensure a controlled open and close.”

The 0230 has carbon fiber handles that are nice and smooth. It has a blue anodized backspacer with an integrated lanyard hole that really pops in contrast to the black carbon fiber. These also help keep the weight down and give a nice modern appearance. This knife would be ideal for any time you want a blade on you but don’t want to be weighed down, so it’s perfect for dress pants or more formal occasions.

Zero Tolerance 0230Zero Tolerance 0230 Details

  • CPM-20CV Stainless Steel, Stonewash Finish
  • 2.6” Sheepsfoot Blade
  • 1/8” Blade Thickness
  • Carbon Fiber Handles
  • Aluminum Backspacer
  • Integrated Lanyard Hole
  • 1.8oz
  • 3.7” Closed
  • 6.2” Overall
  • Made in the USA

The Zero Tolerance 0230 has an unbelievably clean look. Premium steel and a high-class design set this one at its $180 price tag. Get one by clicking any link in the article or the button below.

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