J E Made Carbon Fiber Inlay SwaybackIf you’re like us, you love a traditional pattern with a modern build and high-end materials. The J E Made Carbon Fiber Inlay Swayback doesn’t disappoint. It’s well worth a look or three. Much like the Combustion, this super snappy knife is beautiful and has a fantastic fit and finish. While there are currently three Swaybacks in this line, the CF inlay is perhaps the most modern of the three.

The Carbon Fiber Inlay Swayback features a 3.15” brushed satin M390 Wharncliffe blade with a 0.10” blade thickness. The grinds and the swedging is nigh on flawlessly smooth and symmetrical. J E Made Carbon Fiber Inlay SwaybackIt opens with a nail nick and has clearly defined half-stops. It has a tremendous snap and a pull that is tight without being overly annoying.

This slipjoint has the modern screw construction we all love with a titanium frame and a beautiful carbon fiber inlay. The backsprings are flush, and the finish is fantastic. It’s 3.9” closed, 7.09” overall, and weighs about 2.6 ounces. It has a tip-up pocket clip as well as a hidden lanyard.

J E Made Carbon Fiber Inlay SwaybackJ E Made Carbon Inlay Fiber Swayback Details

  • Bohler M390, Brushed Satin Finish
  • 3.15” Wharncliffe
  • 0.10” Blade Thickness
  • Slipjoint
  • Nail Nick
  • Half Stops
  • Titanium Frame
  • Carbon Fiber Inlay
  • Titanium Tip-Up Pocket Clip
  • Lanyard Slot
  • 2.61 Ounces
  • 3.94” Closed
  • 7.09” Overall

The J E Made Carbon Fiber Inlay Swayback is a beautiful, high end slipjoint. It features modern materials and construction combined with a fantastic fit and finish. If you’re interested in this knife, click any link in the article or simply click the button below.

All images courtesy of Smoky Mountain Knife Works – smkw.com.