AGA Campolin SicilianThe A G A Campolin Sicilian might be one of the most highly sought after knives among automatic Italian stilettos. It is hand assembled using many of the same Old-World techniques and materials the Campolin family has been using for more than 70 years.

The 7.25” stainless steel blade is a modified bayonet with a mirror polish and a blade thickness of 0.15”. The false edge on the spine makes a smooth, gradual descent to the tip as opposed to a sharp angle which clearly delineates the false edge.

For such a ginormous blade, the push button opening is both powerful and fast. Once open, it securely locks with a ring pull lock. There’s also a secondary safety slide that prevents accidental opening.

At 0.75” thick, the natural stag handles on this knife are almost as thick as they are wide. They’re mounted on brass liners and secured with nickel silver pins. Accenting the miles of stag are lined nickel silver bolsters which perfectly polish the classic look of this knife.

AGA Campolin SicilianAGA Campolin Sicilian Details

  • Stainless Steel, Mirror Polish
  • 7.25” Modified Bayonet
  • 0.15” Blade Thickness
  • Push Button Automatic
  • Ringlock
  • Secondary Safety
  • Stag Handles
  • 0.75” Handle Thickness
  • Brass Liners
  • Nickel Silver Pins and Bolsters
  • 8.5” Closed
  • 15.75” Overall
  • Made in Italy

Overall, this giant push button out-the-side automatic is basically a pocket sword with huge stag handles. If you’re delighted by giant knives that open fast and look great, you can’t go wrong with the AGA Campolin Sicilian.

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