Utica Cutlery teams up with Brian Quaca, the Pigman to bring a fun set of knives, including “The Shank.”


Haven’t heard of the Pigman, here’s a little more from the Pigman web site.

A strange name, an unmistakable voice, and an explosive and energetic on-screen personality have created a dramatic fan following as the “Pig Man” burst onto the scene with a self-confidence capable of revolutionizing outdoor television programming as we know it.

Born in Mexia, Texas just a few hours South of Dallas, Brian Quaca was raised in the footsteps of his Dad, Tom “Dapper” Quaca, as an avid outdoorsman.  In the midst of his adolescence, non-indigenous pigs were quickly becoming a problem in Central Texas.  Locals in the Mexia area distinctly recall the Brian Quaca they knew as a willing and able teen motivated to self-eradicating their oversize pest problem even from a young age.  Fearless as though he seemed, neighbors would call upon Tom “Dapper” Quaca to send his boy over with every intention of taking care of business.  And so the young man’s eagerness for hog-driven adrenaline rushes began as a delicacy compared to the deer and turkey hunts he had been used to.  This was his specialty, and people acknowledged him because of it.   His desire to find more efficient and accurate ways to handle the growing pig population eventually led him into a trade of a riflesmith.

Fresh out of trade school, Brian Quaca quickly gained a reputation as a respectable riflesmith who could turn an average rifle on ranchland into a superior and deadly-accurate weapon capable of stopping any animal in its tracks.  As he quickly approached a total rebuild count of 100 guns, his clients were captivated by the high-energy hunts he engaged himself in.  It didn’t take long for a few return customers to request the rifle and the riflesmith on their next hunt.  Guiding his clients in Texas on these monster hogs he spoke of, they witnessed first-hand the intensity Quaca possessed during his missions to capture or kill pigs at all costs including his own personal injury.  It was a man willing to persevere as if each client would make or break him.  In the late 90s, these clients and their associates began booking hunts with the man they call “Pig Man”.  His days as a part-time used car salesman and part-time riflesmith were quickly drawing to an end.  And so the brand and character began to develop into the outdoor personality we know as “Pig Man”

Word got around the outdoor industry about a gentleman in Texas who had an unforgettable name which made people ask who, who is this Pig Man?  Invited to partake in some contract TV work for Wolf Creek Productions, Pig Man appeared as a guest on several TV shows prior to beginning his own.  As his notoriety as an individual and his reputation as an excellent marksman and archer grew, Pig Man began slowly easing his way into attracting high-profile clients to his private ranch in Groesbeck, TX.  Triple-Q Outfitters was spawned as a result and continues to be his home base to this day.

The Shank has a 7″ 420 stainless steel blade and is 11-3/4″ overall.  The yellow Delrin handle is tough, grips well, and cleans up easy. It has brass guard, double rivets and shield, as well as a lanyard hole. And, it comes with a custom leather sheath.

As Pigman says, “You can tell a lot about a hunter by the knife that he carries.” If you want to carry one of these, just click the button below – we found it for you.