Just a couple of years after Buck became incorporated, the Board voted to develop a new folding hunting and utility knife. The year was 1963, and this new design featured a very sturdy, locking, clip point blade. It was well-suited for butchering and skinning large game. The R&D team at Buck had just invented the now world-famous Buck 110 Folding Hunter.


According to Wikipedia, “The Buck Model 110 has a 334–inch blade, a high-tension lock and a low-pressure release, the handles are typically wood and the bolsters are made of heavy-gauge brass. Introduced in 1964, the Buck Folding Hunter was one of the first lockback folding knives considered strong enough to do the work of a fixed-blade knife. Its debut revolutionized hunting knives, rapidly becoming one of the most popular knives ever made, with some 15 million Model 110 knives produced since 1964. Before 1981, the specially heat treated stainless steel used was 440C, from 1981 to 1992 it was 425M, and after 1993 Buck has used 420HC stainless steel.”

The Buck 110 is still one of the best-selling and often-imitated patterns in the world. If you’re in need of a hunting knife or even just a great every day carry. This knife is for you.

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