Idaho – TOPS Knives has released two new products: the F.O.R.K. It and TAC-RAZE. Here’s a first look at both of these unique tools from TOPS Knives, as well as some insider information we picked up from our contact at TOPS.


Ever been on a backpacking trip and forgotten your eating utensils? Not anymore. The F.O.R.K. It is a fixed-blade/spork combo that was designed for the minimalist backpacker, military on deployment, or bug-out-bags without a lot of weight or room available. The 1095 high carbon blade is designed to complete most small chores easily. The bottle opener comes in handy when drinking a fancy brew or imported soda, and having a civilized utensil available when other comforts of home are long gone can be a big morale boost. The Kydex neck sheath is small and lightweight giving access to the bottle opener without removing the knife and providing a safe handle for the spork.


The Details

Overall Length: 6.5”
Blade Length: 2.63”
Cutting Edge: 2.63”
Blade Thickness: 0.12 (1/8”) – spork is 0.09” (3/32”)
Blade Steel: 1095 RC 56-58
Blade Finish: Satin
Handle Material: Skeletonized
Knife Weight: 1.5oz
Weight w/ Sheath: 2.5oz
Sheath Material: Black Kydex
Sheath Clip: Neck – no clip
Designer: Leo Espinoza
MSRP: $100

TOPS Knives Insider Info

“The F.O.R.K. It is something that Leo has wanted to do for a while now. Probably a couple of years or more, he just hadn’t had the time to figure out how to make the spoon portion look good with our tools. It finally came time to where he decided it had to happen. So one day last year, he made a prototype, figured out how to get the “bowl” of the spoon shaped and decided to test it on the 2015 Bushcraft Global trip (check out Bushcraft Global if you haven’t. It’s freaking sweet.)”

“I took it down there and ended up using it daily (because it was the neck knife I chose to take, it was always on me). When we went for our long hike into the jungle, we realized we had forgotten to bring forks and spoons with us (not on purpose actually). After we got to camp, everyone had to make their own utensils to eat with while I was able to sit down, have a meal, and then worry about whether I wanted to make a wooden spoon, not whether I had to make one to avoid eating like a caveman.”

“After I got back, we decided to extend the handle a little more to make it more comfortable and changed the tip so it would slide more easily into the sheath without protruding through the hole for the bottle opener. Those were the only changes needed.”

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One of the first things people notice about the Tac-Raze is that it’s reminiscent of a straight razor (although with the recurved blade we don’t recommend actually shaving with it). Leo Espinoza designed it with that type of blade in mind.

This is TOPS’ first ever friction folder. Leo wanted it to fill two purposes specifically. It had to be a good-looking gentleman’s EDC that could be carried and used in public, and it had to be a functional tool. To accomplish those needs, he started with simple shapes and added curves in all the right places. Even the sheath is stylish, but also gives the wearer a variety of carry options.

It’s not just about looks though. This knife will perform everyday tasks quickly and easily, such as opening packages, cutting down boxes, cutting rope, etc. The TAC-Raze is also a devastating slasher with its recurved blade. It never hurts to have that last line of defense.

It comes with TOPS’ classy Cryptic Cyber Scales on Black G10 handles. The tumble finished 1095 steel blade looks great and has TOPS’ famous differential heat treat. The strong brown leather sheath can be worn vertically or horizontally on a belt for ease of carry whether open or concealed.

The Details

Overall Length: 7.63”
Blade Length: 3.25”
Cutting Edge: 2.88”
Closed Length: 5.88”
Blade Thickness: 0.13”
Blade Steel: 1095 RC 56-58
Blade Finish: Tumble Finish
Handle Material: Black G10
Handle Style: Cryptic Cyber Scales
Knife Weight: 2.7oz
Weight w/ Sheath: 3.5oz
Sheath Material: Brown Leather
Sheath Clip: Belt Loop
Designer: Leo Espinoza
MSRP: $130

TOPS Knives Insider Info

“The idea for this one came after a trade show. Leo and I were flying back home talking about the show and about stuff we had been seeing lately. We were talking about how much we liked straight razors because of how simple they are.”

“That naturally progressed into, “why don’t we make one (for fun).” Then it became, “why don’t we make a TOPS model based on one.” A couple of months after that show, Leo sat down one day and said, “I’m going to design that straight razor we were talking about.”

“It did not take him long. Maybe 15 minutes total to draw it out (he’s really talented that way). The coolest part about this is, after we transferred the hand-drawn model into a technical drawing, no changes had to be made. Even after we cut out the prototypes, they fit perfectly. That’s a pretty big feat to have a folding blade hand-drawn that works with no adjustments made to a technical drawing or prototype. It just worked. We took that as a sign that it was meant to be.”

“NOTE: Although this was based off of a straight razor, it’s recurved. Probably not a good idea to actually try shaving with this thing.”

Here’s a Gallery of the new F.O.R.K. It and  TAC-RAZE from TOPS Knives. Click on any thumbnail to see the show.


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