Let’s face it, everyone loves that custom knife look. There is just something about that vintage handmade aesthetic that makes knives with custom wood or filing work so appealing. The Damascus Hunter from Smoky Mountain Knife Works features all of that custom goodness for the normal production price of $39.99 – yes, only $39.99.

Damascus Hunter at smkw.com

The Damascus Hunter features a genuine Damascus spear point blade. The layering is incredibly vivid and is complemented by extensive file-work on the spine. One thing that I really like about this particular knife is how thick the spine is (3/16″). A thick spear point like this can easily skin any game you come across. It’s this level of durability that I look for in quality hunting knives.

The handles are made of wood with brass accents. File-work brass spacers break the wood into three sections. Each wood section has its on grain pattern that provides an interesting diversity in the handle. Three brass pins secure the handle to the tang. The center pin is actually a mosaic pin that is truly the highlight of the handle.

The Damascus Hunter has so many custom features that it would be a crime not to have a handmade sheath. Lucky for us, it comes with a double-stitched, two-tone leather sheath, the Damascus Hunter fits securely in the sheath with very little play.

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Damascus Hunter Details

  • Genuine Damascus blade
  • Wood handles
  • Brass accents
  • Leather sheath
  • 3 1/4″ blade length
  • 8 7/8″ overall length

The Damascus Hunter is truly a piece of usable art. There is beauty in every fine detail of this blade. If you want the custom knife look without the custom knife price, check this guy out. I found the Damascus Hunter for $39.99 at Smoky Mountain Knife Works (smkw.com). Simply click the button below to check this knife out.

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