Winter is right around the corner, so here are a few good axes for those winter tasks (everything from cutting down your Christmas tree to splitting firewood). These products are at a variety of price points so you can find the perfect axe for your budget.

Winter AxesFirst up is Marble’s Full Size Double Bit Axe. This axe features a hand forged 1045 carbon steel head with an American hickory handle. Its classic shape makes the Marble’s good at felling trees and fairly good for splitting firewood. It has 4-1/8″ Cutting edges and a 37″ overall length. It’s perfect for those who want an axe but have a tight budget. This model is available for just $39.99.

Winter AxesNext on my list is the Council Tool 36″ Classic Jersey Model Axe. This model features a drop forged head from high quality tool steel with American hickory handles. This model is incredibly durable and good at a wide array of tasks. Between its 3.5lb head and its 36″ overall length, there isn’t much this Council Tool axe can’t handle. It’s available for $64.99.

Winter AxesNot everybody needs an axe to cut a tree – chainsaws do exist. This axe is for those who need something to split firewood more efficiently. The Condor Mini Split Axe has a head designed to split even the most daunting hardwood. It features a German style Stainless steel axe head with an American hickory wooden handle. The 3 1/8″ cutting edge and 26″ overall length makes it easy to make a firewood pile in a hurry. This model comes with a hand crafted welted leather sheath to keep it stored right. You can find this axe online for $69.99.

Winter AxesNow to bring out the big guns, the Hults Bruk Atran Felling Axe. Hults Bruk is one of the axe brands whose name is synonymous with quality. The Atran Felling Axe features a Swedish steel axe head and American hickory wood handle. There is extra care taken to ensure that the handle grain is optimal for a lifetime of use without giving out on you. This axe comes with a leather sheath that also has a belt loop. Make no mistake though, it’s not a small axe with 32″ in overall length. Hults Bruk is made in Sweden by some of the best in the business and you can get yours for $114.99.

Winter AxesLast on my list is a brand that really speaks for itself, Gransfors Bruks. The Gransfors Bruks Scandinavian Axe is well-rounded enough to be considered good at anything. This model features a Swedish steel head that has a traditional forged appearance. The handle is Hickory and has an incredible grain. It measures in at a full 26″ of overall length. the 2.5lb head with the medium length handle can easily fell a tree or stack firewood all day. This model comes with a sheath made of grain leather and Includes “The Axe Book” which is a handy guide to use and care for high-end axes as well as a history of the company.

Winter Axes Pricing

  • Marble’s Full Size Double Bit Axe: $39.99
    • -1045 Carbon steel head with 37″ American Hickory handle
  • Council Tool 36″ Classic Jersey Model Axe: $64.99
    • -Drop Forged Tool Steel head with 36″ American Hickory handle
  • Condor Mini Split Axe: $69.99
    • -Stainless steel head with 26″ American Hickory handle
  • Hults Bruk Atran Felling Axe: $114.99
    • -Swedish steel head with 32″ American Hickory handle
  • Gransfors Bruks Scandinavian Axe: $141.00
    • -Swedish steel head with 26″ Hickory handle

All of these products will get you through winters most daunting tasks. If you’ve got to be working out in the cold, why not have a tool that you enjoy using? These products were all found at Smoky Mountain Knife Works ( You can find these items by clicking the links above.

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