If you want to turn your boring Christmas into a ninja Christmas, Master Cutlery has you covered. Here a few Master Cultery items that can help make that dream a reality (ninja skills not included).

Ninja ChristmasThe first thing needed for any ninja Christmas are some swords. Master Cutlery’s 3pc Black Carved Dragon Sword Set should do the trick. This set includes a 37″ katana, 28″ wakizashi, and a 18-3/8″ Tanto. These swords feature stainless steel blades, wooden handles wrapped in imitation ray skin and cord, and engraved scabbards. The set includes an engraved display stand to store your swords when they aren’t in use. The set makes a great display or a fun way to defend your honor. You can find this set for $34.99 by clicking the button below.

Ninja Christmas3pc Black Carved Dragon Sword Set Details

  • Stainless steel blades
  • Wood handles wrapped in imitation ray skin and cord
  • Engraved scabbards
  • Engraved display stand included

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The next most import thing are some throwing stars. I think the Master Cutlery Titanium 6 Point Throwing Star should handle that requirement. This star has a titanium coated stainless steel construction. Titanium is lightweight and durable enough to be thrown many times. It measures 4” diameter, so keep in mind that its not one of those tiny stars- these are the real deal. It comes with a nylon pouch keeps this star close and easy to carry. They are $5.99 each, so you may want to pick a few up. I will put a link below to find some of these too.

Ninja ChristmasTitanium 6 Point Throwing Star Details

  • Titanium coated stainless steel
  • 4″ diameter
  • Nylon pouch

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The last thing essential to any ninja load out is a grappling hook. Guess what? Master Cutlery has them too! The Master Cutlery Grappling Hook features a black coated carbon steel construction that collapses for storage. The 33 feet of heavy nylon rope helps with training of how to properly throw a grappling hook. Frankly, this is the most fun part of the kit in my opinion. Please note this is for instruction purposes only as there are no weight limits provided. So be careful with using it. It can be found for $19.99 by clicking the button below.

Ninja ChristmasGrappling Hook Details

  • Black coated carbon steel hook
  • Hook collapses for storage
  • 33ft of heavy nylon rope

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There you have it! Three perfectly good items to transform your boring Christmas into a ninja Christmas. All of these items can be found at smkw.com. To find each specific item, you can simply click on the button listed under them.