P.D.K.The CRKT P.D.K Precision Disposable Kit is great to have in a pinch. The P.D.K. can easily be used for multiple roles, but CRKT advertises it primarily for hunting use. The P.D.K. includes four separate knives that are totally disposable. CRKT says “The P.D.K. is your insurance that you always have a razor-sharp tool at arm’s reach. This is not a replaceable blade system. The entire handle and blade are to be properly disposed of after one-time use.” Personally, I’d keep one in my first aid kit or my car’s emergency kit.

This kit is different from the interchangeable blade knives on the market. The P.D.K. comes in a transparent plastic box. Within the box, there are four individual CRKT knives with plastic sheaths covering and protecting the blades. It’s not just one handle where you have to keep up with spare blades and worry about changing them out. You just remove the knife, pop off the plastic sheath, and go to work. CRKT even includes a set of nitrile gloves if things get messy. The P.D.K. is a complete kit that is always ready to go.

P.D.K.The 420J2 stainless steel blades feature a stonewashed finish and come razor sharp from the factory. The blades are removable, but there is no need for this since each blade comes with its own handle. The ABS plastic handles come in two colors, orange or black. The handles are ergonomic and feature a molded grip that works great when wet or bloody from skinning. The hole in the handle can be used to attach a lanyard or paracord wrapping. With the small 2 5/8″ blades and ABS handle, the total weight for one of these knives is coming in at 0.4oz.

CRKT P.D.K Precision Disposable Kit Details:

  • Four disposable knives
  • 420J2 stainless steel razor blades with stonewashed finsih
  • Black or Orange ABS Plastic handles
  • One pair of black nitrile gloves included
  • 2 5/8″ Razor blade
  • 0.4 oz Total weight
  • 6.18″ Overall length
  • Comes in plastic storage container

The CRKT P.D.K Precision Disposable Kit is a great kit to keep in your house, first aid kit, car emergency kit, hunting kit, and much more. CRKT says “The P.D.K. is your insurance that you always have a razor-sharp tool at arm’s reach” and that’s a lifesaver in many situations. You can find this kit by clicking any of the links in this article or by clicking the button below.

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