Artisan Cutlery DragonThe Artisan Cutlery Dragon is a multi-purpose knife with a touch of whimsy and we love it. We read the internet sometimes. We know some of you vehemently don’t love this knife. We don’t care. We’re going to buy one and pull it out at our next family reunion. Then we’ll have someone hold our bougie artisanal root beer while we explain what’s to love about it.

First and foremost, the Dragon is just like all Artisan knives. It’s well built. The 2.75” AUS 8 straight back blade rides on a ceramic bearing that opens smoothly and easily with a thumb plate. The détente is good and there’s no reason to fear an accidental opening. It’s a framelock and the lock up is also good without being overly fussy. The edge is razor sharp, and the edge geometry will open all the Dorito bags and hot dog wrappers you throw at it.

Artisan Cutlery DragonIs it comfortable in hand? No. It’s a skinny dragon. What on Earth makes you think any Dragon, much less a skinny Dragon would be comfortable? There are pointy bits all over the place. Fortunately, all the pointy and sharp bits contribute to its coolness and multi-functionality. The especially pointy dragon head function as a bottle opener, with which we will open our artisanal root beer. It has hex wrench cut outs in the stainless-steel handle. It’s also marked with a ruler for measuring small to average sized things.

The Dragon comes with a molded polymer sheath with a clip attachment. It’s set up for vertical carry, but it can easily be switched up for horizontal, scout carry. At 5.12” closed and weighing 3.52 ounces, the whole kit is small and easily carried just about anywhere and any-when you need a touch of functional fun in your life.

Artisan Cutlery DragonArtisan Cutlery Dragon Details

  • AUS 8, Black Coated
  • 2.75” Straight Back
  • 0.08” Blade Thickness
  • 58-60 HRC
  • Manual Folder
  • Thumb Plate
  • Ceramic Ball Détente
  • Framelock
  • Hex Wrench Cutouts
  • Ruler
  • Bottle Opener
  • Lanyard Hole
  • Molded Polymer Sheath with Multi-Mount Clip
  • 3.52 Ounces
  • 5.12” Closed
  • 7.87” Overall

The Artisan Cutlery Dragon might not be for everyone but it’s definitely for us. You probably won’t be able to build a house with it but it’s still a ton of functional fun. If you’re interested in this knife, click any link in the article or simply click the button below.

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