We asked the powers that be to send us some throwing knives to test out. We weren’t picky. We were just bored and wanted something to do, so we were totally thrilled when our Master Cutlery Z-Hunter three-piece 9″ Bio-hazard throwing set arrived.

mczb0863_4First, we should mention some details. This set includes three black-coated 440 Stainless Steel throwing knives. They’re painted with enamel coatings (two black and one zombie green), and each one has its own unique blood/bio-hazard splatter. It also comes with a ballistic nylon sheath, but we tossed that to the side almost immediately, because – well – we wanted to throw them and stick them into something. At least that was our goal.

The blades themselves are about 7/64″ thick and the laser cutouts in them make them very light and easy to throw. So easy, in fact, that we MIGHT have thrown them IN the office a bit before we were directed outside to properly test them.

A few things to note before we go any further. Did you know that you can get a throwing knife to stick into the back of an office door? Did you know that you can get a throwing knife to stick into a desk only inches from someone’s hand if it bounces off the back of the office door? And did you know that being directed outside to properly test throwing knives can come in the form of a written warning to an entire group of employees?

Anyway, we knew that no real knife testing would be complete without having Tim the Intern involved in some way, so we called him away from washing our cars to come help us out.

Tim was reluctant at first, because he could (a) easily see these were throwing knives and (b) wondered why we were shouting, “Kill the Zombie!” at him, but after some peer pressure and general name-calling, he joined in our fun.

Here’s a few things to note about using this great little three-piece set. First, these knives have a relatively nice balance, so they rotate straight and true. The key is finding the perfect distance from the target and the right number of rotations before the knife meets the target. It also helps if Tim the Intern doesn’t scream out or flinch while he’s standing in front of the target. He needs to stand perfectly still the whole time.

If you’d like to grab one of these sets, you can click the ‘get one’ button below. At $12.99, they’re a ton of fun.


No interns were harmed in the making of this review. Do not throw knives at people or people being forced to pretend to be zombies because they value their internship and their path to full employment. Seriously, folks. Don’t throw these or any other knives at or near people. Be safe.