There are few things manlier than shaving with a straight razor, maybe bare-knuckle boxing to ragtime music, but that’s about it.  After wandering down to my local drug store, I noticed the price of razors and wondered what I spend every year on them. The answer is about $115 (give or take a few bucks). The Boker King Cutter only costs $110, and with the addition of feeling like a manly badass, that was a deal I had to jump on.

The King Cutter is a traditional hollow grind design that was most popular around the beginning of the 20th century. This design provides a close shave and immaculate edge retention. that allows you to have quite a few shaves before having to re-hone your razor. Boker’s carbon steel blade is high-quality and will last you for years and years (unlike the 14-shave lifespan of your disposable razors).

The handles are made from a synthetic, water-resistant material. They hold up well in the punishing moisture that’s typically found in your bathroom. The craftsmanship is apparent when you note the historical blade etching and authentic Boker stamp. Every King Cutter is hand crafted to the highest standard by Boker in Germany.

The Details

  • Solingen carbon steel blade
  • Synthetic water-resistant handle
  • 3” blade length
  • 6.25” closed length
  • Made in Germany

Long story short guys, this razor is incredible quality for a fantastic price. Within the first year of owning the Boker King Cutter, you will easily offset the price of purchasing it. The art of the straight razor shaving is alive and well, and the Boker King Cutter is a great way you can get involved. You can find it for $109.99 at Smoky Mountain Knife Works ( Simply click the button below to find it.