A lot was unknown when we wrote about GSM  buying Cold Steel. We know a fair bit more now because on Friday, December 4th, Lynn Thompson released a video about the sale of Cold Steel to the American conglomerate, GSM Outdoors. In it, he dispelled some of the speculation flying around and gave his thoughts about the future of the brand. He also thanked the Cold Steel Nation for their patronage and support.

Lynn Says Relax

First, and most importantly, Lynn Thompson made it very clear that, “…big brain Andrew Demko and I aren’t going anywhere…Going forward into the future, we’re going to be working away like we always have….Andrew’s still going to be developing all kinds of new stuff for you to love in the future. So you can relax about that. ”

Although there have been rumors and allegations that this was a hostile takeover, he starts the video by explaining GSM paid him a “very fair price,” and he’s “delighted to work with them.” He wants the Cold Steel fan base to know that both he and Andrew Demko look forward to working with GSM “far into the future” on “all kinds of new projects.”

He also gave some of the reasons he sold Cold Steel specifically to GSM. He said they have the sort of resources to develop and stock products that might have taken him “another lifetime to achieve.” Across all of the social media outlets, Cold Steel fans have expressed fear that GSM would morph Cold Steel into a lesser brand, or start making knives outside the typical Cold Steel wheelhouse. In the video, Lynn Thompson reassures the fanbase that GSM has, “… committed to carry on [his] legacy and maintain the high quality and high performance in our knives that you’ve come to expect and to love. They’re not going to wreck the brand. They’re not going to dilute the brand. They’re going to keep that brand strong like you love it, and I really appreciate that about them.”

GSM Outdoors Press Release

At or around the same time Lynn Thompson released his video, GSM Outdoors CEO Eddie Castro released a statement about the Cold Steel purchase. “Cold Steel is an iconic, best-in-class brand that Lynn Thompson has built over the last 40 years by pushing the needle on innovation and new testing standards. His users are some of the most loyal followers I’ve ever seen and a testament to what he has built. The team and I are highly enthusiastic about bringing this legendary brand into the GSM Family and broadening our current line of cutlery offerings.”