Rough Ryder Marine Combat SwordThe Rough Ryder Marine Combat Sword looks like they took an old school combat tanto and stretched it out into a sword. It’s really just freaking awesome in a fantastically fun way. You can use it like a machete for chopping through some weeds, trim up some bushes, receive strange looks from the neighbors, decorate the man-cave, or whatever else you can think of. The fun potential for this fabulous sword is almost endless, and you can pick up this historically inspired sword for about $30.

Of course, after we saw it, we had to field test this bad boy. The dark stonewash finished 440A tanto tip blade is a whopping 19.75″ with a blade thickness of about 0.37″. The shrubbery didn’t stand a chance, because this thing is sharp straight out of the box.We also love the addition of the fuller to the blade. It just looks cool.

A noteworthy touch in the design of this sword is a large finger choil for fine detail work. We freely admit that this sword did not make a great whittler, despite the addition of a finger choil (as our spouse’s rose bush will attest).

The stacked leather handle gives it the look of a classic WWII fighting knife. As you’d expect from a stacked leather handle, it has a comfortable grip. It’s also large enough for a two-handed grip, and if you get tired of holding it, this fabulous beast comes with a MOLLE compatible nylon sheath with plastic insert so you can safely carry this in any number of ways.

Rough Ryder Marine Combat SwordRough Ryder Marine Combat Sword Details

  • 440 Stainless Steel, Dark Stonewash Finish
  • 19.75” Tanto Blade
  • Rat Tang
  • Stacked Leather Handle
  • Nylon Sheath
  • 27.87” Overall

The Rough Ryder Marine Combat Sword is a ton of fun for not a lot of dough. The sharpness and overall great build make it worth every penny. If you want one for yourself, click any link in the article or the button below.

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