If you’ve been awake at all for the last two decades, you’ve probably heard of WWE wrestling star, Stone Cold Steve Austin. What you might not know is that for the last couple of years, Steve Austin has hosted a competition show on CMT called “Broken Skull” and Cold Steel has teamed up with Austin to create a Broken Skull knife.  Here’s how the show is described online:

“Steve Austin is known as one of the toughest competitors in professional wrestling history, so his personal obstacle course, which he calls the Skullbuster, is very difficult. Being able to complete it is worth cash to one of the eight contestants in each episode. They vie in a series of head-to-head battles — with menacing names like Trench Warfare and Pulverizer — until just one man or woman remains. That person gets to take on the Austin-designed Skullbuster, a half-mile stretch of 10 obstructions designed to stop even hard-core athletes. Completing that leg — which is far from certain — earns the winner $10,000.

Now, we don’t think you could get a better combination than Stone Cold Steve Austin and Cold Steel. We’ve met Lynn Thompson (president of Cold Steel) and he’s just as crazy and awesome as Stone Cold Steve Austin. This is a match made in heaven.

Cold Steel Broken Skull folding knives come in 6 handle colors (orange, tan, olive, blue, white and pink) and here are the specs:

Blade Length: 4″
Overall Length: 9 1/4″
Steel: Carpenter CTS XHP Alloy / DLC Coating
Weight: 3.1 oz
Blade Thickness: 3.5mm
Handle: 5 1/4″ Long G-10
Ambidextrous Stainless Pocket Clip

If you want more info on the Broken Skull knives, you can find them here: http://www.coldsteel.com/category/44_1/broken_skull.aspx

This article was written by Knife Newsroom Staff.

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