Condor Tool & Knife has revealed its 2021 lineup, including 26 new knives and machetes. This year’s models include knives designed by Joe Flowers, Julio Diez, Jason Breeden, Tony Lennartz, Walter A. Matthews and Juan Cagampang (as well as a few others that just fall under the Condor brand). Here’s a quick overview of all of those knives grouped by their designer.

Joe Flowers

Joe may be one of the best recognized designers for Condor Tool & Knife. For the last several years, he’s basically served as the spokesperson at all the shows. The knives and machetes he designes are always fun and useful for sure, and there’s absolutely no one more excited than Joe to share those designs with the public.

2021 Condor lineup - BatonataCondor Batonata  Chopper

Here’s a 17.5″ machete with a 10″ 1075 carbon steel blade that is literally designed for batoning. Condor says, “The Batonata Chopper is a time-honored tool that is used for splitting wood. Whether it is for making shakes for roofs, or splitting wood for camp fires, this tool is a perfect small axe substitute, and can chop as well! Dare we say it works well and is designed for batoning? An American hickory handle and a braded wrap near the top to help protect the haft of the 5 mm thick blade.”

2021 Condor lineup - Cojang Jungle MacheteCondor Cojang Jungle Machete

At nearly 28″ overall, this may be the longest machete we’ve ever seen. The 1075 blade itself is nearly 21″ and is .24″ thick. Condor says, “The Cojang Jungle Machete is based on the research into Sumatran designs by Joe Flowers. Interested in the Klewang and Cojang style swords and tools, a replica was finally tracked down from a rare antiques dealer in San Francisco. This turn of the century piece was designed for a full tang version. The result is an extremely well-functioning lightweight machete. The field testing came back with excellent results. The Cojang Jungle Machete starts out with a 6 mm tapered blade, 20 inches long, that thins out to just under 2 mms at the tip with a huge distal taper making it extremely lightweight. Instead of the Horn style blade, we opted for a full tang handle that uses the traditional projection at the end of the handle to incorporate an exposed lanyard, while adhering to aesthetic tradition of this legendary blade.”

2021 Condor lineup - Departure Bolo MacheteCondor Departure Bolo Machete

Here’s an 18.4″ fat headed machete with a 12.2″ black traction coated 1075 carbon steel blade. The walnut handle looks seriously comfortable for the hard work you’ll do with this blade. Condor says, “Heavy, hard hitting, and compact like a good double barrel, the Departure Bolo Machete is a super chopping beast that takes a Malaysian style blade a step further. The 1075 machete features a walnut handle with checkering for grip and very slight finger raises, for a unique grippy blade. The Departure Bole Machete has a 12-inch blade with a convex edge, and comes with a full grain quality leather sheath. This new chopper is a 12-gauge of the machete world.”

2021 Condor lineup - Gryphos BowieCondor Gryphus Bowie

If a bowie knife was packing on weight for hibernation, it might look like this. It’s 11.4″ overall with a 6.7″ bowie blade with a unique marbled etch. Condor says, “This tactical blade is a compact, meaty Spanish style bowie. The Gryphus Bowie Knife shares the same ergonomic handle as the Sigrun, with a welded smashing pommel on the end. Micarta handles on both sides makes of the 5mm thick, give a grippy texture, and the marbled etch gives it more unique look. A thumb ramp locks into the reversable Kydex sheath. The Gryphus Bowie Knife has a 6 and 3/4th inch blade, that functions to bridge between a tactical knife, and an light duty chopper, while still having enough finesse to carve.”

2021 Condor lineup - Neck GladiusCondor Neck Gladius

Any good Roman would be happy with this 6″ neck knife. Condor says, “The popularity of Gladius sword and usefulness of a double-edged neck knife are paired together in a package that is both useful, and tactical. With the piercing double edge, this blade can function like a dagger, or boot knife, but also retains its functionality as a good knife for every day tasks like opening up boxes or cutting rope. The overall length of the Neck Gladius Knife is 6″, with an even 3″ on the blade length and the handle, in 1075 steel. A Kydex sheath with multiple eyelet points and a compact design, accompanies the Neck Gladius Knife.”

2021 Condor lineup - Polar North MacheteCondor Polar North Machete

This 18.4″ full tang machete has an 11.8″ 1075 carbon steel blade that’s .1″ thick. The blasted finish and walnut handle make this one a real looker. Condor says, “Joe Flowers designed this with a point down the center line for easy point control, a large choil, and a multi grip handle that can be used in many different positions. We’ve conducted months of tests with this machete, and surmised it was an outstanding balance of chopping and clearing capability, and a bushcrafter’s dream machete…. this machete can chop, clear, cut, and process all sorts of things this world may throw at you.”

2021 Condor lineup - SigrunCondor Sigrun

This gorgeous fixed Micarta-handled fixed blade is 10.3″ overall with a  5.6″ 1075 carbon steel blade. Condor says, “Named after a mythical Valkyrie, the Sigrun Knife is a tactical masterpiece. With a nod to the Seax style of swords, this tactical tool has a welded smashing pommel and fuller to help with weight distribution and blade control. The Sigrun Knife also has an ambidextrous sheath that is a Kydex leather hybrid. The 5mm thick 1075 Carbon steel blade tops off at 5 and ½-inches, making the overall length a little over 10 inches. Just as usable in the woods as the battleground, the Sigrun Knife will rescue you from any danger.”

Jason Breeden

Most notable in this year’s Condor knives is a line called “Mountain Pass” designed by Jason Breeden. This series looks like everything a bushcraft adventurer needs all with the same look and feel. Condor says, “Designed for those who don’t see Mountains, but Opportunities! When climbing any outdoor challenge, an Explorer and the Mountain forge a PASS together using skill, determination, nature’s openings, and the right tools. Just as the name implies, the new Mountain PASS Series by Condor is designed to help you through the toughest challenges. These designs by Jason Breeden, a West Virginia native who has spent his life in the hills and hollows, are mapped out by following the fundamental principles used by traditional woodsmen. As rugged and venerable as the Appalachians that inspired them, the Mountain PASS Series combines Condor’s craftsmanship with modern materials to prevail through Plain And Simple Survival.”

Condor Mountain Pass Series

The Moutain Pass Carry Knife is a 7.9″ full tang fixed blade with Micarta handles. It has a 3.5″ 440C drop point blade with the Classic Condor finish. The welted leather sheath makes this knife a great hip “Carry” knife.

The Mountain Pass Surveyor Knife is a 10.6″ full tang fixed blade with Micarta handles. It has a 6.3″ modified chopping blade with a secondary blade built into part of the spine. This is also a 440C blade with the Classic Condor finish, and it comes with a leather dangler sheath.

The Mountain Pass Camp Knife is a 15.2″ full tang fixed blade with Micarta handles. It has a 7″ 1095 carbon steel blade with a Scandi grind and that great Classic Condor finish. The leather dangler sheath this knife comes with makes it a big, but easy carry as well.

The Mountain Pass Machete is a 21.8″ full tang beast of a machete with Micarta handles. It has a 15.6″ 1075 carbon steel drop point blade with the Classic Condor finish. It’s .12″ thick which makes it flexible but strong enough to wield in the bush as a machete. It also includes a leather sheath.

And last but not least, the Mountain Pass Axe is roughly a 14″ full tang hand axe with Micarta handles. It’s 1075 carbon steel with a Classic Condor finish. The single bit head is 5.6″ x 4.3″, and it weighs in at a full 29.28oz. It also includes a leather belt sheath for carry.

Julio Diez Designs

Designer Julio Designs has four designs in the Condor mix this year. Like the Mountain Pass Series, all four of these knives have a similar look and feel – a matching set if you will. We’ll lay these out smallest to biggest for you.

Condor Tortuga Neck Knife

Here’s a very small full tang fixed blade neck knife that could come in very handy in the bush. It’s just 3.4″ overall with a Micarta handle and a 1.4″ 1075 carbon steel blade with a Condor Classic finish. It comes with an easy-to-use Kydex sheath and lanyard cord. Condor says, “The Tortuga Neck Knife was designed to be a small EDC, very light duty task knife, perfect for skinning small animals. The sheath is designed to be carried around the neck but is easily carried on a belt or backpack with an after market belt attachment as well.”

Condor Bush Slicer Sidekick

This 8.9″ full tang fixed blade has grey Micarta handles and a 4.3″ 1095 carbon steel slicing blade. We love the Scandi grind paired with the Classic Condor finish on this knife. Condor says, “The Bush Slicer Sidekick Knife is the sidekick to the bush slicer. It can be used as a paring knife and fire starter, and can do finer tasks. The sheath comes with a beltloop but can be piggybacked onto the bush slicer.”

Condor Balam Knife

This 15″ full tang fixe blade is .12″ thick. It has Micarta handles and a 9″ 1075 carbon steel blade with a bead blast and satin finish. It contoured handle looks like it offers comfort and control. Condor says, “The Balam Knife is perfect for chopping and having fun out in the bush or just on a hike. Sheath can be switched from right or left hip carry.”

Condor Lobo Machete

This 18.2″ full tang machete has a straight back blade with a slight recurve.  The 12″ 1075 carbon steel blade is .12″ thick with a Classic Condor finish. The gray Micarta handle are contoured for comfort and grip and feature a lanyard tube in the heel. Condor says, “The Lobo Machete was made a bit thicker than the average machete. It can chop and slice with the finesse of a small blade and be aggressive for a lager blade.”

Walter A. Matthews

Walter is back again this year with something special in the Argyll Scottish Machete. It’s another one of those different, but eye-catching designs we’ve seen from Condor in the past.

2021 Condor lineup - Argyll Scottish MacheteCondor Argyll Scottish Machete

Here’s a 18″ full tang machete with carved walnut handles. It has a 12.2″ 1075 carbon steel blade that is .18″ thick and embellished with Celtic markings. Condor says, “The Argyll Scottish Machete gets its name from the Scottish Highlands. Its design is inspired by the traditional and rustic Scottish swords called “Falchion,” which generally looked more like a machete and in the hands of Scottish warriors were capable of destroying their enemy shields. This machete has a great balance and feels very comfortable to swing, due to the shape of its blade and handle. To mark its origin, the Argyll Scottish Machete has traditional engravings and symbols on its blade, handle, and leather sheath, as well as white liners that contrast beautifully with its walnut wooden handle.”

2021 Condor lineup - Okavango Hunting KnifeJuan Cagampang

Juan Cagampang is an outdoor industry veteran with twenty five years experience designing gear and accessories. He has spent most of his life being outdoors, or trying to get outdoors. He is dedicated to creating finely designed and crafted gear meant to last beyond your lifetime. Here’s a new offering from Juan in the Condor lineup this year.

Condor Okavango Hunting Knife

This 7.2″ full tang hunting knife has walnut handles and an exposed tang with a lanyard hole. The 3.4″ 440C stainless steel blade is .14″ thick and has a blasted satin finish. We love the ergonomics on this drop point. It comes with a nice leather belt sheath. Condor says, “The Okavango Hunting Knife is inspired on a large inland delta without an outlet to the sea, home to “The Magnificent Seven”, swimming lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, buffaloes, cheetahs, and lycaons.”

Other Condor Designs

Besides the offerings by specific designers listed above, Condor itself designed some new offerings this year as well. Here’s a run-down of those knives.

2021 Condor lineup - Cadejo FolderCondor Cadejo

The Cadejo is a 6.8″ folding lockback with a 2.7″ Sandvik 14C28N drop point blade. This thumb stud opener has high impact polypropylene handles with a four-point pocket clip. The Cadejo is available in array of colors. Condor says, “The Cadejo Drop Point Folder Knife is brought to life from the Mesoamerican Cadejo myth. Cadejo: protector spirit converted in a guardian dog that keeps you company during the most dark nights and defends you from bad spirits, part of our Salvadorean ancestral mythology.”

2021 Condor lineup - Carlitos Neck KnifeCondor Carlitos Neck Knife

This skeletonized 5.4″ neck knife has a 2.5″ 1075 carbon steel blade. It’s .12″ thick and comes wrapped in either orange or desert tan paracord. The Kydex sheath makes it an easy neck carry. Condor says, “Carlitos Neck Knife was designed by and is being introduced in memory of Carlos Pineda (1996-2020), member of our Condor Tool and Knife’s design team. Carlos was a young and bright individual with joyful spirit and inspiration, who left a mark during his time with us. Carlitos Neck Knife is one of Carlos’ many contributions, who will live forever in our memory.”

2021 Condor lineup - Condor CleaverCondor Cleaver

It’s exactly what it says it is, a 12.3″ full tang cleaver with a 7.2″ 1075 carbon steel cleaver blade. It’s .12″ thick with a blasted finish, a walnut handle and an exposed tang with a lanyard hole. Condor says, “The Condor Cleaver was designed as a complement of the Condor Butcher Knife which came out last year. Like the Condor Butcher, the Cleaver is manufactured from a single piece of full tang 1075 steel, with a sharp edge perfect for use in the outdoor grill or in the comfort of your own home. Its walnut rivet handle allows for a secure grip and thus a greater maneuverability.”

2021 Condor lineup - German Aviator MacheteCondor German Aviator

This 20″ knife might as well be a sword. It comes complete with a 15.9″ 1075 carbon steel blade with a natural finish, a guard, and a walnut handle. Condor says, “The German Aviator Machete comes to life in memory of all pilots who fought with honor and dignity in spite of being submerged in the middle of a cruel war. Based on the events that took place on December 1943 between US pilot Charlie Brown and German pilot Franz Stigel. Commemoraring the day a German flying ace saluted a crippled US bomber and let them fly to safety instead of shooting them down.”

2021 Condor lineup - Native HunterCondor Native Hunter

This 8.7″ full tang fixed blade features a 4.25″ 440C stainless steel blade that’s .14″ thick. The walnut handle slabs have a finger choil and a gap at the butt of the knife for an exposed tang lanyard hole with a paracord lanyard hole. It comes with a traditional deep carry leather belt sheath. Condor says, “The Native Hunter Knife was designed in honor of all Native Americans, the first inhabitants that during thousands of years erected a great legacy that is still conserved. Brave warriors, fierce hunters, dedicated farmers, legendary characters that still inspire respect, honor, and gratefulness for building the foundation of American history and culture.”

2021 Condor lineup - Ocean RaiderCondor Ocean Raider

Probably the most interesting piece in the 2021 line up, this 8.8″ full tang fixed blade literally has an anchor in the butt of the wire wrapped, walnut handle. It features a 3.8″ 440c stainless steel sheepsfoot blade with a polished finish. It comes with a leather sheath.  Condor says, “Every captain knows a knife is the most important personal kit a sailor can have. Aside from cutting and chopping, the Ocean Raider Knife can be used as a safety tool by its crew. Its pommel has a stainless steel anchor that not only serves a great decoration, but also pulls the knife’s center of gravity, so in case the knife slips, it falls on its butt instead of its point. The Ocean Raider Knife has a bent point characteristic of a sailor’s knife.”

2021 Condor lineup - Primal CleaverCondor Primal Cleaver

This 7.9″ full tang cleaver might just be the bell of the ball with its micarta handle and matching lanyard bead. It features a 4″ 1095 carbon steel cleaver blade that’s .12″ thick. It comes with a leather sheath. Condor says, “Basic, compact, and ideal for an outdoor cook, the Primal Cleaver allows for precise cuts in raw chicken, beef, or pork meats. The Primal Cleaver comes with a full tang handle that allows for a secure grip. Its characteristic square blade is lightweight yet solid enough to allow for a decreased effort while in use.”

So, there you have it. The new part of the Condor Tool & Knife 2021 lineup. We’d love to know which is your favorite or even which ones you don’t like. Feel free to drop us a line and tell us what you think. As we get our hands on these this year, we’ll, of course, do some more in-depth articles on them.