With SHOT Show cancelled, Benchmade released its 2021 product line on the web this week. The US-knifemaker showed over a dozen new knives (and their variants) as well as two new honing tools. We’re told that these products will be made available throughout the year, so here’s an overview of what we can expect.

New Bugouts for 2021

Benchmade Mini Bugout 533-BK2

This year Benchmade brings you the mini version of the blacked out Bugout it released last year. The 533-BK2 features an S30V blade with a black DLC coating. Like the full size Bugout, the handles are CF-Elite with all black hardware. At 6.5″ open, 3.7″ closed, the Mini Bugout weighs in at just 1.5oz. This one has already dropped, and you can read more about it here.

Benchmade Bugout 535-3

The latest version of the incredibly popular Bugout got a style upgrade. The blade is now CPM-s90V steel and the handles are carbon fiber. They’ve kept the anodized blue hardware, but that hardware now includes an exposed spacer with an integrated (and quite large) lanyard hole. The 535-3 is 7.46″ open, 4.2″ closed and weighs just barely over 2oz.

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The Adamas Family

Benchmade Mini Adamas 273

Benchmade says, “Furthering the legacy of the longstanding Adamas® platform, the new 273 Mini Adamas® is a stout tactical folder that upholds the tradition of rugged reliability set forth by it’s full-sized predecessors. Despite it’s trimmed build, the Mini Adamas® is tough as nails with the introduction of CPM-CruWear®, and a refreshing update to color configurations. This Adamas® is as mighty as mini gets.”

This model will be available in both flat earth and black versions. It’s 7.62″ overall, 4.37″ closed, and weighs 4.6oz.

Benchmade Adamas 275

Benchmade says, “Reliability done right. The new 275 Adamas® tactical folding knife brings in-hand comfort to the forefront with a tank-like construction you can trust your life with. Carefully redesigned to lighten your load, while continuing to deliver unrivaled performance throughout hard-use applications; the toughest just got tougher.”

It features a 3.8″ CPM-CruWear® blade and is available with or without partial serrations in both flat earth and black.  It’s a full 8.9″ open, 5.2″ closed and weighs 6.45oz.

Benchmade Adamas Auto 2750

Benchmade says, “The 2750 Auto Adamas® tactical folding knife brings in-hand comfort to the forefront with a tank-like construction you can trust your life with. Carefully redesigned to lighten your load, while continuing to deliver unrivaled performance throughout hard-use applications, the toughest just got tougher.”

This is an Auto AXIS knife. The out-the-side action is released by the AXIS lock itself. It retains the basic size and shape of the original Adamas and brings it to you in automatic form.  It has a 3.8″ CPM-CruWear® blade and is also available with or without partial serrations in both flat earth and black. It’s 8.9″ open, 5.1″ closed and weighs 6.2oz.

Benchmade Adamas Fixed 375-1

Benchmade says, “A new era of Adamas® is here. The last thing your loadout needs is another heavy piece of gear to weigh you down, which is why the 375-1 Adamas® has been re-engineered to be stronger than ever before. Machined from CPM-CruWear®, this blade brings upgraded corrosion resistance and toughness front and center. In addition to the knife itself, the sheath has been redesigned to affix with a low profile MALICE CLIPS®, allowing users to carry the knife on MOLLE® webbing or a standard duty belt. Modify with the times, and carry with confidence.”

This fixed blade version of the Adamas features a cord wrapped handle and is again available in flat earth or black versions. It’s 9.2″ overall and weighs 5.7oz.

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Two new Fixed Blade Offerings

Benchmade Mini SOCP 177BK

Benchmade says, “Born in the line of duty, designed for the daily grind. The 177BK Mini SOCP® delivers peace of mind in a slim, concealable platform.”

This 6.25″ full tang fixed blade features a 2.2″ 440C blade and the entire knife has a black Cerakote finish. It includes a MOLLE® compatible, injection molded black sheath with a clip and a lanyard hole. It also includes a leather pad for comfortable IWB carry.

Benchmade Meatcrafter 15500

Benchmade says, “When your adventures afield transition to the kitchen, the right cutting tool will make all the difference. The new 15500 Meatcrafter™️ is a hybrid hunting fixed blade with a fine, smooth edge to trim, debone, or slice your preferred cuts of meat. Featuring Benchmade’s new SelectEdge™ technology, the 28-degree inclusive edge angle on CPM-154 stainless steel provides the perfect balance of a fine grain, sharp edge with carefully engineered blade flex. This knife makes just as much sense in the back of your truck as it does in the kitchen drawer.”

This HUNT Series addition is just barely over 11″ long and is full tang. It has a 6.8″ trailing point blade with a bead blast finish. The handle is Santoprene with an exposed lanyard hole. It includes a Black/Orange Boltaron sheath. It weighs just 3.2oz.

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Three new Benchmade Autos

Benchmade Claymore 9070

Benchmade says, “The 9070SBK Claymore™ is a slender push button powerhouse, packed full of hidden features and inspired by one of the most notorious directional mines. Incorporating a new steel to Benchmade’s portfolio of premium materials, the Claymore™ blade has been crafted from CPM-D2 to provide ample toughness and edge retention. Manufactured in the USA, the Claymore™ has set a new bar for closed break strength making this our toughest folder to date.”

The Claymore features a 3.6″ blade with a Cobalt Black Cerakote finish. This is a push-button auto and is available in both plain and partially serrated versions with black or ranger green textured Grivory handles. It’s 8.6″ overall, 5″ closed, and weighs just 3.5oz.

Benchmade Auto Fact 4170

Benchmade says, “The 417 Fact® re-imagined the classic Italian Stiletto knife as a  contemporary EDC and Tactical tool. Now it’s been taken one step further with the new 4170BK Auto Fact®. Featuring aerospace aluminum handle scales with a sleek carbon fiber inlay, the addition of the Auto AXIS® mechanism connects this modern-day folder to its traditional switchblade roots. A black DLC coated blade, made of premium S90V super steel, ensures phenomenal edge retention for prolonged life and low maintenance, making the Auto Fact® a perfect choice for enthusiast and super-spy alike.”

This is an Auto Axis out-the-side automatic with a 3.95″ spear point blade with a black DLC finish. The handles are T6 aluminum with carbon fiber inlays. It’s 8.74″ open, 4.8″ closed, and weighs 3.11oz.

Benchmade Om 4850-1

Benchmade says, “For the times when a small blade is all you need, the new 4850 Om is a fidget-friendly automatic knife that can keep a low profile. This double-action OTF features a spine fire release button for quick and easy deployment making this knife the perfect option for those looking to carry an auto that doesn’t draw unnecessary attention.”

This is the smallest OTF offering from Benchmade to date. It features a 2.5″ S30V drop point blade with a black DLC or Satin finish. The blue T6 aluminum handles are machined for grip. It’s just 5.88″ open, 3.4″ closed and weighs only 1.5oz.

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And a few special things…

Benchmade Mini Osborne 945

Benchmade says, “Rounding out the 20th anniversary celebration for one of Benchmade’s most iconic designs, the 940 Osborne family expands to include the long-awaited mini variations. The 945 Mini Osborne upholds the same unique styling of the 940, while scaling down the overall profile. Sporting the classic reverse tanto blade shape in CPM-S30V, with two options for handle color and material. No matter the direction you choose, these minis are the perfect accomplice to their full-size counterparts.”

It’s just like the original (and coveted) 940 Osborne but smaller. If features a 2.9″ S30V reverse tanto, thumb studs, the AXIS lock and those great green aluminum handles.  And don’t forget those purple hardware highlights either. It’s just 6.8″ overall, 3.8″ closed, and weighs just 2oz.

Benchmade Gold Class Tengu Flipper 601-211

Benchmade says, “Pushing the boundaries of production knifemaking, the new Unlimited Limited Gold Class 601-211 Tengu infuses jaw-dropping materials with the popular design of custom knifemaker, Jared Oeser. Hand crafted by Benchmade’s best, this year’s Gold Class offering sets a new standard for American craftmanship.”

This is an Unlimited Limited production which means that it will only be produced in 2021 and not after. It features a 2.7″ BiFrost™ pattern Damasteel® blade with a manual flipper. It’s a linerlock with a white and black marbled carbon fiber handle with a blue G10 shield inlay. It includes Sapphire blue PVD hardware and liners, Raffir Blue Uranium Waves backspacer, and a black shark skin leather pouch with blue stitching. It’s 6.6″ open, 3.9″ closed, and weighs 2.6oz.

Stay Sharp in 2021 with 50080 and 50082

Benchmade has partnered with Work Sharp to create two new Guided Hone Tools. It’s available in 14-degree and 20-degree models. The 14 is designed specifically for the SelectEdge and the 20 for general use. Both include a ceramic rod and a leather strop in a 5.5″ x 1.75″ easy-to-carry package.

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